Economic and easy to implement focuser kit

Motorize a telescope focuser with a few euros of expense and in a fast way it is possible. We have made several for our Aster Astronomy observatory for remote use that still requires an electronic connection via USB.

With just a few euros you can buy an "open source" kit like Arduino Uno, and a step-by-step engine with its hardware drive board:

Scheda Arduino Uno

Motore Passo Passo 28BYJ-48-5V
The 4-pin outputs of the small stepper motor board and the power supply outputs (positive and negative) must be connected to the Arduino Uno board in this way:

After connecting everything as the diagram you must connect the Arduino Uno board to the PC via USB cable and through the Arduino Ide program you must transfer the firmware to the Arduino Uno board.


1) Open the Arduino Ide program

2) Connect the Arduino Uno card

3) Open the MoonliteFocuser Arduino firmware (download here)

4) On Arduino Ide with the MoonliteFocuser firmware open click on the upload at the top left to load it on the Arduino Uno board.

At this point the Arduino Board has loaded all the features and the kit is now a focuser compatible with the Moonlite Focuser.

It is sufficient to download the software for using Moonlite Focuser (download here)

To focus on this interface, you will use this interface:

To avoid errors, correctly select the right "COM" port on the lower left where the Arduino Uno board is connected.

It is also possible to download the Ascom drivers at this link:

The circuit must be inserted in a plastic box for circuits:

To be installed then simply connect the pinion of the stepper motor to the focuser's pulley in this mode:

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